Sphere Setup: New From View
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Sphere Setup: New From View

Sphere Setup: New From View allows a new sphere to be created using an existing view as a template.

To create a new Sphere, click General in the Setup group on the control panel. The General Setup panel displays with the Sphere Setup tab selected by default.


Click New From View. The Sphere Name Defaults dialog box displays.


This dialog box allows you to choose a database connection and view. Views are populated in the View drop down box based on the connection chosen. A Sphere Name and Abbreviation must be entered. The Sphere Name must be no longer than 30 characters and the Abbreviation must be no longer than 10 characters. A description is optional and must be no longer than 256 characters.

Connection: Select which connection will be used.

View: Select which view will be used.

Sphere Name: Enter a name for the sphere you are creating.

Sphere Abbreviation: Enter an abbreviated name for the sphere.

Description: Enter a description for the sphere.

Click Next. The Drill Down Fields dialog box displays.


When using a BI Cell, you can Drill Down into a predefined Drill Down window. The fields displayed in that predefined window are based on fields chosen here. When drilling down on a BI Cell, a numeric column containing values from the Source of Calculations is always displayed. The fields chosen in this dialog box will be displayed in addition.

All Fields: Select the fields you would like to Add to the Sphere's Drill Down capabilities.

Drill Down Fields: Current Drill Down fields are displayed here.

Click Finish to create the new Sphere.

Please note this guide applies to Synoptix client versions 7 and 8

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