Buying POE 3.21 Currency for new challenges at Crucible League
There’s been a pretty heated discussion about Pathfinder & Saboteur recently. In the Crucible League, Pathfinder received a good response due to its superiority, which led many players to play it in the Crucible League, resulting in a significant increase in the ranking in the popular league of the Sanctum League.

Saboteur is the opposite. In POE 3.20, Saboteur still has a 7% play rate in the softcore trade league, and only 3% in 3.21. Not only that, when facing some ascendancies that were weak in POE 3.21 such as Gladiator, Chris introduced how the extra advantage rework will be established, and said that it may appear in POE 3.22.

This is a good start, and it shows that some of the weaker ascendancies, like Gladiator or Assassin are likely to get an enormous boost in POE 3.22. Correspondingly, some of the stronger ascendancies are likely to be hurt by this. Specifically, you can visit to learn more.

But this is not very important, for now we just need to ensure that we can achieve better results in the Crucible League. For this reason, we need to prepare some POE Currency to ensure that our strength can continue to improve, and some powerful POE Items are also good choices.

And according to the previously disclosed information, I think POE 3.22 will be a very interesting league. We need to choose and build carefully and reasonably at that time, and Buy Exalted Orbs will be a great help.

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