How to send logs to Synoptix
When requesting help from Synoptix Support, it is helpful to attach your most current log file for review. Follow these steps to locate your logs for the desktop client and web version of Synoptix:

Desktop Client:

Open the Synoptix folder which is usually found C:\Program Files\Synoptix. Note that this is the default location, but you may have installed Synoptix in another location. That is ok, you just need to locate the Synoptix folder on your computer. Once inside the Synoptix folder, locate a text file named synoptix.2022(most recent date).log and send the log to Support.

Web Client:

Open the Web Client and click on the "hamburger" menu (three lines in the upper left hand corner). Click "Help" then select "Send logs to support".

You can also locate the Web Client Logs by navigating to C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundations\Tomcat\logs Once there, locate the text file named synoptix-server.2022(most recent date).log and send the log to Support.

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