Financial Filter Setup
Setup Financial Filters in the Synoptix Desktop Client

The Report Designer gives you the ability to create a single financial statement, then run the statement in various ways. This is done by using wild cards and applying filters at run time.

To setup filters, click Financial Setup in the Setup group on the desktop client control panel, then click Filters. The Filter Setup window displays as shown.

Note that filters may not be duplicated across different categories or reports will not run properly in the web client.  Individual filters may not have the same name as the filter category.


Companies: Select the company for which you're creating the chart of accounts setup. If all your companies have the same chart of accounts, you can set Companies to [Variable], since it applies to all companies.

Items: When building a filter tree you can place two types of items. The first item is a Filter Category, which can be thought of as a folder in which to contain actual filters. The second item is the actual Filter, which contains an account mask and is the element used in the report.

Users/Groups: When a filter tree is created you're able to assign which users and/or groups have rights to Filters or Filter Categories. This is done by highlighting a Filter or Filter Category, then selecting the user or group you'd like to give rights to.

Name: The name showing in the tree for a Filter or Filter Category.

Mask: The account mask text field is used in conjunction with the Filter to specify the numbers in the report to be replaced. An account mask must consist of question marks (?) and numbers with no segment separators. For example, consider the following:
  • Chart of Accounts Mask (from your accounting system) = CC-XXXXX-DD

  • Where C is a company designator

  • X is the general ledger account

  • D is the department
To run a financial statement for company 01, the account mask would be 01???????. (Note the lack of segment separators, in this case dashes.) To run a financial statement for department 50 of company 01, the account mask would be 01?????50.

Sync: Some implementations allow a tree to be built based on data within the accounting package. The Sync button builds a new tree, if one doesn't exist, or adds any new elements from the accounting package added since the tree was last built. Using this feature on an existing tree does not override manual changes made in Filter Setup.

Revert: Click this to erase recent changes and revert to the last saved filter structure.

Apply Changes: Click this to apply all changes you've made to an individual Filter or Filter Category.

Save: Click this to save all additions and/or changes you've made.

This guide applies to Synoptix versions 7 and 8

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