Quick Views & the Report Creation Wizard
Synoptix Desktop Client Guide

Quick Views 


Quick Views allow for one-click creation of a series of predefined Operational reports which can then be saved as new standard or interactive reports, or can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet. Quick Views are the fastest way for a new user to see their company's data. They can also act as templates to jump start creation of more in-depth reports.

Depending on software modules purchased and ERP being used, Quick Views may or may not be available in your implementation.

To open a Quick Views report, click Quick Views in the Create group on the control panel. The Quick Views dialog box displays.


Select a company and a report name, then click Run.

Companies: Select an available company.

Reports: Select a report name and click Run. Available report names may differ depending on the company chosen.

After the report has completed, use the File menu to Save As an Interactive Report, or to Export as either a Standard Report or Excel-based Spreadsheet.


Report Creation Wizard
The Report Wizard allows you to look up account numbers and descriptions from your Chart of Accounts and have that information added directly into a report. It can be useful when you need to add several accounts at a time.

To use the Report Wizard, either open an existing report or click Report in the Create group on the control panel. Select a cell and click Report Wizard on the Tools Toolbar.


The General Report Options dialog box displays.


Report Type: Select the desired report type.

Default Company: Select the desired company.

Click Next
The Report Titles and Account Setup dialog box displays.


Report Title: Enter a name for your report.

Description Column Label: Enter a title for each account column heading.

Click Next
The Asset Accounts Range Setup dialog box displays.


Range Titles: Enter a title for your account range.

Account Range: All account numbers between and including the accounts entered here will be used.
From Account #: Enter or look up the account number with which your range will start.

To Account #: Enter or look up the account number with which your range will end.

Rollup Places: Indicate the number of places account numbers within the range will be rolled to. For example: an account number of 1001-000, with Rollup Places set to 3, will rollup as 1001-???.

Test Range: Click to display all account numbers within the range selected.

Individual Accounts: Enter specific accounts, separated with a comma.
Lookup Accounts: Display all available accounts. To select multiple accounts, hold down the Control key.

Click Next
The Column Selection dialog box displays.


Possible Columns: Contains a list of  all possible columns available to be added to your report. Select a desired column and click Add.

Selected Columns: Contains a list of all columns that will be included in your report. To remove a column, select the column name and click Remove. To rearrange columns, select the column name and click the Up or Down arrows.

This guide applies to Synoptix client versions 7 and 8

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