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Accountant's Trial Balance - synoptix - 10-16-2019

Synoptix Desktop Client Guide
Accountant's Trial Balance

The purpose of the Accountant's Trial Balance is to show the beginning and ending balances for all accounts included in the database. The worksheet format makes it possible to evaluate total debits and credits generated for the same period. Calculations are on a year to date basis, which includes beginning balance plus activity.

To run the Accountant’s Trial Balance:
From the desktop client control panel, click Run in the Reports group, then double click Accountant's Trial Balance from the reports list.


Company: Select the company you're interested in having the trial balance run for.

Period: The Period drop down box allows you to select which period you'd like to run the trial balance for. Available periods are loaded based on the periods created in your accounting system.

User Periods: If selected, the Period drop down box is replaced by two text fields that allow you to enter From and To dates for your trial balance. In the case of user defined dates, the trial balance, when run, only contains a summary of transactions between those dates. In effect, this becomes a net change type of trial balance and does not include beginning balances.
For more details on User Periods and how to set them up, see our tutorial video

Recent/Open Periods: If the Recent/Open Periods check box is selected, the periods shown are limited to only recent/open periods. Which of these check boxes, Recent or Open, is seen and the periods affected depend on the accounting package being used by the software.

Zero Balances: To display all accounts within the trial balance, select the Zero Balances check box and choose a period. If left unselected, only those accounts that have activity in them are displayed.

Show Virtual Accounts: If selected, any original accounts which have been mapped to virtual accounts are replaced, in the Accountant’s Trial Balance window, by their mapped accounts. Virtual Account Mapping is accessed via Financial Setup, in the Setup group, on the main menu.

Account Range Options: Click the white and green arrow to allow entry of a specific range of account numbers.

This guide applies to Synoptix versions 7 and 8